Web 2.0 Tool 2: Penzu


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  • Penzu is a web tool to create an online private journal.
  • You may ask your students to keep a free online diary or journal to write about any topic, and they can give you access to it through the ‘Share’ option.
  • You may add images to the page, print it and share it with others.


Because Penzu is an online writing application, entries can be written anywhere you have an online connection. This means you don’t have to worry about keeping a paper journal with you everywhere you go.

Writing can also be done in the Penzu iPhone, iPad, and Android apps, though the writing features of the mobile program are limited compared to the online version. And you must have a Penzu pro account to sync entries between the mobile app and your online account.

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  • The aim of Penzu is to create an online journal experience that is as similar to writing in a paper-bound journal or diary as possible.
  • While Penzu doesn’t offer free-form drawing, it is ideal for writing. And since it is online, there are many benefits to using Penzu rather than paper.



This is the best part. You can write about anything you want… For example:

  • How your day was.
  • Your opinion about something you’ve seen on the news.
  • Your favorite food as of late.
  • People you hate and why.
  • People you think hate you and why.
  • What your plan for taking over the world is.
  • What your ideal day would be.
  • What your fitness plan for upcoming months is.
  • How you would name your dog if you had one.

Even though this is what you can call freestyle writing, there are still two things to keep an eye on if you want to improve your writing along the way!

1. Make sure to use proper English.

Just because there are no boundaries it doesn’t mean you have to botch every sentence.

2. Maintain a consistent flow of writing.

Even though what you’re writing might not make any sense to anyone else, it does need to make sense to you when you read it out loud. This is called “writing flow”.

Try not to jump from topic to topic. Stick to one thing and let your thoughts do the writing. It helps with your focus when you’re writing your next blog post, ebook, or website copy.


Now, do you want to keep a journal? Try PENZU! It’s really fun !