Web 2.0 Tool 1: Storybird


  • Storybird is a collaborative storytelling tool.
  • The users select an artwork to illustrate their digital stories and then they write text to tell the digital stories using the artworks as inspiration.
  • It is a great tool to promote creativity and collaboration in our classrooms


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With Storybird :

  • Able to create a class and add students to it.
  • Create specific assignments with a large assortment of illustrations to choose from.
  • Can create poems, short picture stories or books.
  • The advantage that Storybird  provide is that the image prompt can be chosen by you or your learners to begin brainstorming right on the page since it can be edited as many times as necessary. This is truly a lot of fun.
  • It can be used with computers, tablets and smart phones through the mobile apps. The final version of the short story, poem, book or comic strip can be placed in your social network site or blog, or it can even be emailed.



Figure 1: Example of picture story development page in Stoybird

  • Sentence starters or word banks, along with the large assortment of beautiful illustrations found in Storybird
  • It can be highly motivating and engaging for your learners. And it is just as motivating for them to have a large audience, including family and friends—as opposed to only their teacher.
  • As a matter of fact, the Storybird poem function provides a word bank along with punctuation marks for learners to drag and drop to create their poem. Of course, you have to make sure that the vocabulary is familiar to your learners and let them know that they can also use their own words.


Figure 2: Example of poem using Storybird

Remember, good writing skills are usually the outcome of diverse and constant exposure to good reading materials as well as systematic practice!