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Assalamualaikum and Good day to everyone. Honestly, this is my first time writing reflections on blogs. Hope the readers wont get bored while reading all my posts. So, this would be my first reflection. As usual, our first class was an introduction to course lecturers, fellow classmates and also about the course itself.

Firstly, Dr. Fariza started the class by introducing herself and then explaining about the course proforma. Consequently, she asked us to introduce ourselves using PADLET (see in Task). As for me, I already been familiar with Padlet. But rarely use it 🙂

Then, our next lecturer, Dr. Rosseni came infront of the class and introduce herself. My first impression was true about her. A very humble, friendly and motherly kind of lecturer. She explained about ‘WordPress’ and the requirement of the WordPress assignment as well. All of us need to have one for this subject. It’s not a big deal for me because I already had one since my Diploma years. It’s been ages actually. I almost forgot everything about WordPress at that time.

But, on that day, I created again a new wordpress blog and started to choose the themes and customize my own site. It’s kind of interesting because we tend to work with our friends too.

Let me introduce to all 3 lecturers for this subject:

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Dr. Fariza 🙂

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Dr. Rosseni 🙂

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Prof Norazah



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Hello everyone! As for the second week of this course, Dr. Fariza taught us about E-Learning. The definitions and explanations about E-Learning as well. Now, I got views about what is all about E-Learning. It is a type of learning which is conducted by via electronic media, typically on the Internet. For example, MOOC is also E-Learning actually. (My opinion :p) Then we had a discussion among fellow classmates regarding the topic and also given a task on E-Learning as well. I have posted the task on E-Learning in this site as well (Refer Task 2). Basically, that’s all for today I guess. See you on the next entry hehe!



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Today, we learn about the difference between LMS and CMS. First, let’s define the abbreviations. “LMS” is an acronym for “Learning Management System”, a software platform used to deliver and track training courses.Besides, “CMS” is a “Content Management System”, or software used to organize content comprising a website. Bluevolt and Litmos are examples of LMS. As for CMS, WordPress and Weebly are examples that is familiar to you. After this lecture given by Dr. Fariza, Im able to recognize and differentiate LMS and CMS. Maybe will be out for our final exam who knows HAHA! Thanks Dr!



As for today’s lesson, Dr. Rosseni entered our class. She explained briefly about ‘WordPress’. Basically, she showed us her own ‘WordPress blog’ and also demonstrated a few steps on how to customize and edit our page. I was in fear already because I am really WEAK in using blog websites. Thank God, Dr. Rosseni was there to explained and show what is it all about to refresh my mind.

What i learn from today’s lesson is that, all we need to do is keep on exploring without waiting for guidance and instructions. InshaAllah in God’s will as time passes we can manage to handle and learn about new things. Now, I am able to understand what is WordPress for actually. Thanks Dr. Rosseni!

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Hi everyone! This week was different as we have our class in the library of UKM. Not class, but it’s like a short course basically explained about how to search articles/ journals/ etc provided by the library websites. The speaker explained and guide all of us step by step on the procedure to search materials online provided by UKM’s library itself.

So, this is my second time attending this course. I attended once during my first sem of Masters. Dr. Isa at that time was teaching me Kaedah Penyelidikan 1. And he asked all of us to attend this short course as well. But, this time was more interesting as it actually refresh everything that I’ve missed out. The speaker showed us how to access to e-journals while we are inside the campus. Plus, she also talks about the facilities provided by the library to UKM students and benefits of being a member.

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Hi everyone! This might be the shortest entry perhaps 🙂 So, as for today Prof Norazah should enter our class, but sadly she was busy and could not make it today. So, apa lagi enjoy lah! NO NO NO. What we decided to do was to learn a MOOC course ‘Jom Belajar WordPress’ by Dr. Rosseni. 

The link to the course: https://www.openlearning.com/courses/learn-wordpress/HomePage

Just WOW! Full of knowledge shared by having modules, activities, quiz such as crossword puzzle, and task to be done using our own WordPress account. It is a great experience where a person from zero can become a HERO! Without having to meet face to face using traditional method, I am so in love with MOOC now. Can all of us have classes using MOOC? hehe 😀

My gratitude goes to Dr. Rosseni. Thank you so much. You really helped and guide us a lot step by step. Now, the whole class were confident to use WordPress *clap clap* The best part is that I got the certificate of completion! 🙂 🙂



Okay! Today actually we should have a presentation based on the proforma. But… the whole class did’t know about it.Sorryyy Dr 😦

All of us are not aware about presentation.  I’m so thankful to Dr. Fariza because she gave us chance to do our presentation after the mid sem break. Hurrayyyyyy! *A big yeay*. At first she asked us to present our work on the week after the sem break. But… after looking at our face reactions (I’m sure you can imagine), she gave us extra another week. So the presentation will be on Week 9.

Basically, we look for our group members. Four of us in a group. Myself, Jacinta, Denish and Rajes. We choose the topic on ‘E-Learning’. As what Dr. Fariza told us, she do not want live presentation which means standing infornt of the class and talking verbally. NO NO NO. She wants all of us to do our presentation using  any Web 2.0 tools with audio as well.

So, we had a small discussion among our group members. And our group chose present.me as our tool to present our materials. Dr. Fariza explained briefly about the content, the colour and all needed to make a good presentation. Plus, the best part here is that we learned something NEW named CASPER. CASPER sounds like the name of a cartoon character is it? 😀 But, it’s different as in technology class. CASPER means:

C- Contrast

A- Alignment

S- Simplicity

P- Proximity (Distance)

E- Emphasize

R- Repetition 

Another new thing is:

C- Cognitive

A- Affective

P- Psychomotor

*Something new to learn, something new to share*. Hope we can do it for our presentation !




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So, as for today Dr. Fariza taught us about the differences between synchronous & asynchronous learning. Honestly, before she explained about this, I had zero knowledge about it. Don’t even know what is it all about. So yeahh, new knowledge learned and acheived hehe 🙂 Now, let me sum up what is it all about okay?


Takes place in real time (same time) while the trainer and learner are physically separated from each other

-> Examples:

  • Audio/Video conferencing
  • Online chat
  • Instant Messaging
  • Live Webcasting


  • Real time discussion and real time collaboration
  • Immediate feedback
  • Cost effective
  • Motivation to complete assignments course


  • Both facilitator and learner need to be at the same place and same time
  • Learners do not learn at their own pace
  • Requires technical infrastructure
  • The course is only as good as the facilitator


The facilitator prepares the courseware materials before the course takes place.

The learner is free to decide when he/she wants to study the courseware.


  • E-mail
  • Threaded discussion boards
  • Web-based training
  • DVD


  • Anytime, anywhere learning
  • Access materials when convenient
  • Opportunity to research answers


  • Learner may feel lack of connection
  • Delayed feedback
  • No immediate access to facilitator if any questions/issues arise

I guess now you also might understand a bit about these two types of learning. That’s all for today’s reflection. See ya soon ❤

You are welcome to share your thoughts here regarding synchronous & asynchronous learning.

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Yuhuuuu! The most anxious day has arrived. It is the presentation day! Our group presented about E-Learning via web tool ‘presentme.com’. We choose presentme.com because we could present our slides and also record our voice (audio) through out the presentation. Basically, this assignment we did it within 2 weeks time.

First of all, we searched for 20 articles that is related to our topic. So each of us searched 5 articles. Then, we divide our work to present the overall findings in terms of advantages, disadvantages, research gap and suggestions for future researchers.

Huzaimi as the class trap,  decided to follow the flow of the topic to take turn during presentation. And… our group is the 1st group to present in front of class.

Our presentation could be found on this link: https://present.me/presi/view/430175-GGGE6543

To know more about E-Learning, you are welcome to view our presentation on presentme.com as the above link. Lastly, I’m glad to have three of them as my group members as all of them really co-operate and showed their responsibility. Thanks geng! ❤



The Integration of Web 2.0 for Teaching & Learning Purposes

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Hello everyone! Too tired today as I arrived home late at 10 pm 😦 So, today I will be telling you guys regarding the integration of Web 2.0 for T&L Purposes. Normally, we knew about Web 2.0. But, now let’s have a look which tools are suitable for T&L purposes. I jotted down a few from today’s lecture. Let me explain in point form so you can get it easily! 🙂

  1. Sharing and Creation Tools
  • Blendspace
  • Youtube
  • Powtoon
  • Slideshare
  • WordPress

2. Social Networking Tools

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Schoology

3. Sharing & Knowledge

  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Scoop.it

4. Interactive Board

  • Padlet
  • Educreations

5. Cloud Storage

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox

6. Collaborative Project Management

  • Trelo
  • Asana

p/s : Ok that’s all for today’s reflection. Going to bed already. Good night! ❤



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Hello!! Good day to Dr. Fariza and Dr. Rosseni.

Screencast O-Matic ? Yesss. Today I learnt something new again 🙂 Normally, i prefer using present.me or power point for presentation purposes. But today, Dr. Fariza had introduced to the whole class about a new tool that can be used for our future presentation which is Screencast O-Matic. We borrowed headphones from UKM, and tried to record our own video using the tool.

Such a great experience. After listening to what Dr. Fariza had explained and demonstrate to us, I tried to sign up and start to think about teaching something. Then, I got an idea! I decided to teach how to use ‘Blendspace’ using Screencast O-Matic. I just recorded my voice (audio) without video. Feel free to view my work. Thank you!

My first Screencast O-Matic video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAz-xNxk22Y

p/s: If you want to know and explore more about screencast o -matic, feel free to watch the tutorials on Youtube. It is quite easy to understand as well!



Hello everybody! Today Dr. Fariza could not make it to class. But, she gave us tasks on i-folio to be completed. It is actually about last week’s class. There are 2 tasks given. Which is about OER and Screen cast o-matic. There are a few questions regarding OER to be answered and posted in the discussion and then Dr. Fariza also asked us to post our video using Screen cast o-matic in i-folio as well. So, basically that’s all for today’s class. We were actually busy discussing and preparing for next class which is the most awaited moment. ‘Workshop Screen Cast O-Matic’. We manage to capture pictures to be uploaded in our website and made a mannequin challenge video where everyone FREEZE. This was Fun!

p/s: The task on OER can be viewed in ‘Tasks’ page 🙂



Finally, we have come to the end of the class which is on Week 13. Today is the day for our final project. ‘Workshop on ScreenCast O-Matic” 🙂

Before i start, Greetings  to my dear lecturers, Dr. Rosseni and Dr.Fariza and all my fellow classmates and readers. This will be my last and final reflection for this course. There is no more posts after this 😦

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Rosseni and Dr. Fariza for all their hard works and patience to teach us from  Week 1 to Week 13.Can’t express with words because they had done more than that. Alhamdulillah. Thank you for sharing knowledge and guiding all of us along this semester.Besides, I would like to  apologies if there is any wrong doings along this semester to lecturers and friends. I am really happy to have all of you guys as classmates and lecturers for this semester. I hope we can maintain this relationship in future as well.

Moving on to the main agenda.  We have conducted a workshop that was planned by the post graduate of Teknologi Maklumat dalam Pendidikan, guided by course lecturers.

I remain in the same group as previous task. Our group (Group 1) are required to be the facilitators during the workshop. We need to teach them about Screencast-o-matic. There were around 13 participants on that day. All of them we given printed manual on how to use Screencast-o-matic step by step. Our main target is to teach them about Screencast -o-matic. But, we also manage to go through and demonstrate other  web 2.0 tools which is Prezi and Powtoon. The participants really enjoyed learning Screencast 0-matic. And they are excited when we told them that we are going to teach them extra 2 tools. 🙂

Personally, the participants were very supportive and gave full co-operation through out the workshop. They were so eager to learn. Seeing them, we the facilitators were also happy to share everything that we have with us. I really hope they continue using those tools during presentation in class and also in working environment. This can encourage others to use web 2.0 tools as well.

Around 5.30 pm, we had come to the end. The aim of having this workshop had achieved as everyone are able to use it themselves and they gave positive comments at the end of the session.*yeayyy*. Certificates were given to participants involved in the workshop and all the committee members as well.  And the final one, to keep as a beautiful memories, all of us had a photography session. 

That’s all from me. Thank you so much everyone! See you soon during our final examination 😀

Few pictures during our workshop:

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Good times come and go, but the MEMORIES will last FOREVER…

Assalamualaikum 🙂