Hello everyone! This post is created as it is a task from a MOOC course ‘Jom Belajar WordPress’ by Dr. Rosseni. 

Now, all I going to talk here is about FOOD! My favourite top 4 foods 🙂



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This is one of my favourite food. I would not get bored eating this. The taste of juicy chicken, spicy chili and ketchup, fragrance rice, vegetables along with soup. What do you want more. It’s a perfect combo. Do try at your nearest stall!. I prefer home cooked. Just google for recipes and DONE! 😀


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Pizza. Now tell me who is not a pizza lover??? I guess majority love PIZZA. The best part is it offers a variety of toppings. I like having a choice when I eat. I usually go for chicken, mushrooms, olives and cheese. The crispy crust taste perfect with the tomato paste 🙂


Image result for sizzling hot plate

A meal that I will look for when I goes to the hypermarket to shop things. I often eat this meal at the food court. It is simple but tasty. Now, I found the recipe already. But still looking for the ‘hot plate’ itself. Very difficult to find them at my place. So, just wait until I find one, then I can cook for all of you! HAHA 😀


Image result for meatball ikea

Try this guys! You can drop by IKEA and have a try. Even there will be a big crowd, just queue up patiently because you will have your meal like a king. Superb delicious! ❤


Why this blog is created?



The purpose of this blog is to help people especially students who are facing problems in English Language. This blog can help students based on grammar and writing part. For those who feel these parts are difficult, they were absolutely wrong. There are many ways to get solutions. But as for this blog, it may help students using Web 2.0 tools.

Consequently, the second purpose of this blog is to attract people especially students to learn English more deep using modern technology. Normally, people used to learn language using books, reading journals and articles, but as time passes, we are already in the modern era of globalization with modern technology, there are many tools here that can help you learn languages especially English in a fun and clear way.

Other than that,  this blog also shares tasks for the course GGGE6543′ Information Technology in Education’ mainly for academic purposes only.