Hello everyone! This post is created as it is a task from a MOOC course ‘Jom Belajar WordPress’ by Dr. Rosseni. 

Now, all I going to talk here is about FOOD! My favourite top 4 foods 🙂



Image result for nasi ayam

This is one of my favourite food. I would not get bored eating this. The taste of juicy chicken, spicy chili and ketchup, fragrance rice, vegetables along with soup. What do you want more. It’s a perfect combo. Do try at your nearest stall!. I prefer home cooked. Just google for recipes and DONE! 😀


Image result for favourite food

Pizza. Now tell me who is not a pizza lover??? I guess majority love PIZZA. The best part is it offers a variety of toppings. I like having a choice when I eat. I usually go for chicken, mushrooms, olives and cheese. The crispy crust taste perfect with the tomato paste 🙂


Image result for sizzling hot plate

A meal that I will look for when I goes to the hypermarket to shop things. I often eat this meal at the food court. It is simple but tasty. Now, I found the recipe already. But still looking for the ‘hot plate’ itself. Very difficult to find them at my place. So, just wait until I find one, then I can cook for all of you! HAHA 😀


Image result for meatball ikea

Try this guys! You can drop by IKEA and have a try. Even there will be a big crowd, just queue up patiently because you will have your meal like a king. Superb delicious! ❤


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